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eCom Cache Review — Is Adrian Morrison Course Worth It?

Is Adrian Morrison course worth the investment?

Could it be the best e-commerce class out there right now in 2018?

What kind of results can I expect and is eCom really the ideal internet business you can begin in 2018?

I am battle tested in all of the major online biz opportunities out there today in 2018.

eCom, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon, Local Marketing, FB ads

What’s the best?

Allow me to give you the no holds barred scoop about the e-commerce company & what internet business you should be starting in
2018 and why.

Some of the Greatest Kudos I give to Adrian’s eCom Cache

Man this is an extensive eCom program.

Designed to take you from complete novice to knowing the entire eCom company A through Z.

So what’s included?

7 Part Shopify course to teach you how to build your first eCommerce website store
Shopify store setup — select store name, set up payments, shipping settings

Add products — including retail, adding free products, adding varrying products to boost avg product order

Your sales page — Short vs Long Copy, Shipping time call out
Building Your Brand — customer service, niche vs superstore, social proof
App Arsenal — Shopify programs that make things easier & automatic, like pixel program that integrates with Facebook
advertisement tracking or mailchimp program for seamless email marketing
12 Facebook Ad Course — This is the next part of the training advertising setup — overview
Fan Page — construct the page you Want to advertise with
FB Advertisement Types — Adrian reviews all the ad types
FB Ad objectives
FB targetting

FB audience
FB Pixel — tracking everything

FB Bidding Strategy

Advanced Split Testing

Adrian is super thorough with his training, so props on that, this course is viable with someone with almost no experience with
either ecommerce or facebook advertising.

ECom biz is based 100% on Facebook ads traffic.

So to be successful with eCom you need to become good at two skills:

The physical product side of things: Ability to pick great products to market & brand it attractively to your target audience, &
meet customer orders like a champ. Bulk orders, fast shipping times to customer, very good communication with your manufacturer.
Become Facebook Ads Expert: Willing to spend some money to find out, test many advertisements, analyze & understand patterns in
your data, good creativity with your ad copy & advertisement image selections.

Any Negative Review on Adrian’s Course?

I don’t like to be overly critical because I can see how hard he worked to create this type of comprehensive coaching courses for

But let me give you my honest thoughts on where I think this class could’ve done a better job:

Sometimes feels too comprehensive: for instance, I did not need to learn each and every FB Ad kinds out there, I would’ve much
rather been told the best performing ones for eCom.
IMO there is too many steps to go through before you begin spending money on FB, because that’s where the action occurs.
The first step of building an entire shopify shop is too time consuming, what if the product does not sell well on FB? IMO I think
it is better to use clickfunnels to test unique ads till you find a winner until you build out a whole shopify store. This is a
method I learned from: Junstin Cenar’s Course
This way students can start spending on FB as soon as possible with simple $5 ads & clickfunnel which can be setup in just few
minutes because you can copy & replicate funnels easily.
Maybe missing training on the new FB advertisement features like messenger ads & live video ads, which I feel is the future
IMO lacks some important FB ad knowledge such as:
Importance of producing multiple ad accounts & why & how?
What to do if your facebook advertisement accounts get banned? How to get yourself unbanned?
Why 2 adsets with the exact same exact ad can do completely differently?
I think Adrian could of gone bit more indepth about how to pick hot winning products to sell

Adrian certainly packed enough of these goods in this course I believe for you to succeed with it if you stay with it and never
give up.

However, with so many online business opportunities on the market today, I get questions like these all the time from readers.

“I am looking into starting X online business, what do you think?”

Becuase I was able to achieve success with my 6 figure neighborhood advertising business, I had the time to enter other internet
companies, eCom was one of them. Allow me to give you the strength & weakness from my own experience.

The Good

Awesome store platform such as Shopify that integrates seamlessly with various online tools like payment processors, mailchimp, or
the fact that adding things is a breeze makes this whole process of building an online shop as simple & non-technical as browsing
The potential to create your own unique product & brand that can go viral and sell that brand afterwards for Large Quantities mula
With an Awesome product, it can begin selling like hot cakes on Facebook, & FB ads allow you to scale up incredibly fast
Dropshipping means you do not carry any inventory yourself, you have 3rd party companies do all of that for you
When You learn the skillset, it could be repeated & replicated across many other products you could launch
You can implement automation, eventually hire VA (virtual assistant) to manage most of the daily manual tasks of product order
So many different types of products could be sold, the audience on FB is vast, with FB’s dynamic targetting you can reach specific
people out there. So with these technologies at our fingertips, it has never been easier & faster to launch physical goods & sell
it at massive scale

The Bad

Selling physical product has some disadvantages
Lower Profit margins 10-20%, compared to information products or getting paid on marketing services products can break,
Dealing with returns, refunds, chargebacks run into inventory problems with the manufacturer (out of stock) the necessity to order
products in bulk & store it at a US warehouse so your shipping time is 3 days instead of 5 weeks (Overhead burdens) big pain in
the ass if dealing with incompetent manufacturers
Competition is going up as more people jump into the eCommerce opportunity, harder & harder to find that amazing unique product
that can go viral
Total reliance on FB ads, means constant monitoring of your ad performance is required so you don’t end up losing money. If you
stop spending money on FB your biz comes to a halt. is always a big competition
Some get burned out by the repetitive activities to keep the business going, order fulfillment can be automated to a great degree
but when any issues arise you’re still the problem solver

The Challenge

You want some creative thinking & instinct about the market. In choosing the ideal product that will be popular and how to build
your marketing message about that product to create an attractive brand image. These are skills that are bit harder to teach in a
step by step procedure.
Sometimes despite all the hard work of preparing the shop & FB ads correctly, a product can still fail. Which can feel devastating
because today you’re losing money on ads. The challenge is to stick with it, & launching new products. I have seen case studies of
students that went 6 months to a year prior to making any money.
On-going challenge with order fulfillment & coping with manufacturer & inventory
Its hard to scale in the beginning or have multiple projects going at once, because each product launch is a pretty time-consuming

So is the E-Commerce company worth it?

Well, I will state that the eCom biz has the most online courses out there out of any other online biz right now.

Any of these coaches will state :

Ecom is not straightforward. & it will require hard work.

It appears to me that one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard is that profit margins can be tight at times and there’s simply not
getting around that workload of fulfilling customer requests when it comes to delivering physical goods.

This is why I know plenty of SEO & affiliate marketing men that have already reached a certain level of success on the internet,
wouldn’t touch an eCom business with a 10-foot pole.

When you reach a certain level of success online, its all about what’s gonna allow you to make big money (scalability) AND give
you as much time independence as possible (automation)

This is the reason you see many eCom men come out with their own training courses to market.

Selling coaching courses means you’re selling information product which solves two major issues with eCom biz.

Much higher profit margins, nearly 100% digital product means infinitely easier customer order fulfillment, technology manages it
all, which leads to much bigger scalability

But as a beginner, you do not have a training course to market…obviously

So yes every noobie must put in the time to grind for a bit.

Till they become very proficient at what they do.

Then maybe you can also become a coach .

If selling physical products and building an eComerce empire pulls at your heart string go for it. It might help if you are really
passionate about a specific product or some great idea for a new product.

That passion is gonna translate into all you do. The wonderful touch you add on the site, the fine-tuned copy on the site & ad, &
the overall sheer determination you will need to make the project successful.

I found this to be true with my search engine optimization projects too, in hindsight, it was those jobs that I had fire in and
enjoyed doing this went on to become massively successful.

One can pursue their passions too much, to the point where they ignore much more important life conditions that need tending FIRST

If you’re struggling with money, still working that 9 to 5 that you hate & you got no freedom.

Then forget about your”passions” for today, you will need a way to make money as fast as possible so you can free yourself first &

Don’t chase your passions to the point where you miss out on amazing business opportunities.

Your passion might be surfing.

& you may not be most passionate about ecommerce or local marketing, but if you are still on that j.o.b.

Time for real.

Don’t think pursuing surfing for cash is the answer (if you ain’t pro level), seek out mentors which are at higher levels than you
with the lifestyle you want, and learn what they are doing to make money.

Sometimes you gotta put a temporarily pause on chasing your passions.

& Go fullout on chasing money first.

Then once you got cash, you get freedom, then you can have that fuel your original passion of surfing or anything.

Often times you’ll discover new passions inside the new business enterprise you go into & allow this to guide you.

That’s what happened to me.

I didn’t believe I was passinoate about creating leads for local business, untill I actually tried it and discovered so many new

I freakin’ love what I do. Not every part of my company, in fact, I have employees that handle things I don’t enjoy doing so that
I can solely concentrate on doing things I love in my business.

So that I wake up every day eager to work.

This is the trust gift & boon of being an entrepreneur.

Adrian’s class has all the goods you will need to go make that happen with eCommerce.

Am I still building my eCom enterprise?

Not anymore.

I did it for a little while and it was fun.

But I came back to local marketing using free traffic since I simply made more profit margins and I just love the time liberty my
biz supplies over the eCom deal.

Let me clarify my biz in a nutshell:

Build simple regional lead generation sites.
Rank it to page 1 of Google (local positions so It’s much easier competition)
Begin Generating Leads
Forward the Leads to a local company
Get them to close Some of them
Now they are thirsty af to work with me
they pay me a percentage of the biz I bring them
Rinse & repeat

I now have over 45 clients across US all paying me% of their monthly biz because I’m sending them shit tons of phone calls.

On top of that, I don’t even have to manage anything. Once my sites are ranked they stay rated and maintain generating income for

With Free Traffic, which means my profit margins are almost 98%.

Which to me is important, since I can do less and earn more money.

I rather deal with 10 high paying clients (like lawyer, dentist, surgeons) each paying me $3000 per month that = $30,000 a month
of pure profit, versus having to sell $300,000 worth of physical products to make my 10% profit margin of $30K.

All I have to do is rank more sites & my monthly income continues to go up.

I am not tied down to any daily tasks to keep the money coming in like checking FB ads, or handling my inventory.

I just rank sites, generates leads for clients & have my clients do all the work for me.

I simply get paid just for linking customers with service providers, very like Uber.

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