Introducing Push Notifications – Know When Your List Grows

You know the feeling when you get a new subscriber? Or a lot of new subscribers?

It is a great feeling. And it is incredibly motivating.

It shows that what you are doing is working. Perhaps your new subscriber loves your content. Or, even better, they are interested in your product/service. Either way, they opted in to hear from you.

That deserves a virtual high-five.

And now you could get that virtual high-five on-the-go with push notifications, included in the latest update to AWeber’s Stats app, available for free on Android&iOS. Keep reading to learn how this update could up your email game.

Know when your list develops

The only method to measure your success with email marketing is to measure it!

You could define your success by high open or click rates, increased traffic & sales from the emails, replies from your subscribers or positive sentiment.

But one of the best metrics to track is list development. At the core of email marketing, you are forming relationships with your prospects & customers, and every new subscriber marks a new relationship that could be profitable for both you & them.

To celebrate every new connection, use push notifications in AWeber’s Stats app to elect to receive a notification on the mobile device when a new person subscribes.

Push notifications let you keep an eye out for trends. Notice a lot of subscribers opting-in on Mondays/Tuesdays? These might be your high-traffic days. Notice an influx of the new subscribers on a typically quiet list? Maybe someone shared the content!

Knowing when you grow could help you stay motivated, craft a solid strategy that capitalizes on what is working right now& continue to deliver valuable content to your eager audiences.

Pro-tip: Need help with list development? Check out our recent List Growth Blueprint free video course.

Control how often you receive notifications

Some AWebercustomers get a few new subscribers a week, while others get a few hundred a day!

The AWeber Stats app allows you to configure your notification settings based on the preferences. Need that instant gratification? Flip your settings to real-time & receive a notification every time a new subscriber is added. Too many notifications? Switch the setting to hourly, or daily.

Simply enable push notifications in your app& experiment with whatever the settings feel right for you. Learn more about how to configure push notifications.

Do not have AWeber Stats yet? Get started today

Push notifications are shiny & new, but there is, even more, to explore in AWeber Stats!

Here are a few things you could do with Stats:

  • Look at list health with a complete subscriber count and overall open & click rate percentage for sent broadcasts.
  • View your open & click rates on individual one-time emails you have sent, as well as your complaint rates & unsubscribes.
  • Evaluate your open rates for every message in a follow-up series.
  • See your audiences at-a-glance by easily viewing a subscriber’s name, avatar (if available,) total opens, email address, total clicks and the date & time of subscription.
  • Learn about your audiences in greater detail by tapping a subscriber to see where they signed up, how many broadcasts they have received & their open rate & click rate percentages (based on the total messages delivered to their inbox).

Take advantage of Stats now! Download for Android or iOS, install the app& enter your AWeber username & password to get an instant overview of the email marketing metrics that matter to you.


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