Motioney Review: Pricing & Support

Motioney Review: Pricing & Support

This is the first new product launch from the Viddyoze Team since the launch of Viddyoze
Due to the hype surrounding this launch, there are A LOT of Motioney reviews. While researching Motioney, it is an absolute fact none of us had access before Friday to the platform, please bear in mind. The review websites were left scrambling minute to check it out and get reviews posted.

Motioney Review: Pricing & Support

They’re comprised of almost 40 members, Joey Xoto, David Chamberland, and now Jamie Garside if you’re not knowledgeable about the Viddyoze Team. Viddyoze, almost all records broke during its launch and has not stopped.

Viddyoze is an cloud-based platform which lets you make high-quality, professional cartoons without installing the piece of software. Are something I think would take days to create in a mainstream product like Adobe After Effects.

According to their site, they have over some of the biggest corporations in the world and 100,000 customers using their Viddyoze technology.

What Exactly Is Motioney And What Can It Do For Me?

Motioney, unlike products, is a video creator which allows you to render high quality, engaging video content it would take with traditional applications. 1 thing that makes Motioney so unique is the ability to create (and edit) marketing and promotional videos from mobile devices and publish/share those creations all from the palm of your hands. Another advantage of Motioney is that you get FREE ACCESS to your choice of 80 ShutterStock assets.

Motioney worked on mobile devices but was a bit awkward to use although in our evaluations; felt kind of clumsy. Jamie explains Motioney will receive updates over the coming weeks to make the mobile experience better, if you watched the video above. They’ve always supported their products and I have no reason to doubt this.

Luckily, I still prefer using PC or a laptop for editing or creation. Motioney will work flawlessly on any operating system as it’s 100% cloud-based. After testing Motioney I will say the interface worked and was more intuitive than on the device.

Motioney License Costs & Version Comparisons

Motioney Personal will be available for $77 while Motioney Studio will be available for $97.

Motioney Personal is intended for a user who’s currently creating content for their own use. This deal was not that appealing that is one of the most significant benefits of Motioney to it’s competitors and as the ShutterStock assets weren’t included.

Motioney Studio includes the unlimited”Commercial License” and includes additional special features within the application. With Motioney Studio, you can also select 80 ShutterStock assets that are reusable from inside the Motioney platform. ShutterStock provides resources and even a 10 clip can cost between $75-$350. With Motioney Studio, you can obtain up to 80 assets for no additional cost. That is remarkable! I was far impressed, in case you can’t tell.

What Is Motioney And What’s Motioney Not?

When using Motioney , we discovered the platform makes adding text splicing together videos, and adding music. With direct integration with Viddyoze and recording and its collection of Shutterstock resources – it makes a platform for editing & creating fashion videos. For this purpose, it hard to beat.

When I think of a video editor that is conventional, I think of something such as even or Adobe Premier Filmora 9. It’s not necessarily a creator and more than won’t replace Premier while Motioney will permit you to do all sorts of stuff and combine clips. What it will do however is allow you to sit down and make an amazing style video easier and quicker than you could ever do on your existing platform that is full-featured.

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